HS Holdings is a Dallas-based private investment firm with significant committed capital from private wealth that pursue control investments in a diversified portfolio of established niche companies.

HS continually seeks opportunities to work with committed management teams to drive value creation. Our extensive knowledge in focused industries is designed to enhance people and technology, and ultimately growth. HS specializes in identifying and addressing complex operational issues to improve efficiencies through technology. The right technology implemented at the right time provides businesses with solutions that will expand capacity and flexibility and allows a strong management team to focus on its people and customers.

Our team is willing to consider and use a broad range of investment structures and to provide the most optimal capital structure for all parties.

Core Values

Investment Criteria

  • Defensible competitive advantage and market position established through a portfolio of products and/or unique processes
  • Established industry and exhibiting growing market share
  • Management team interested in a partner and committed to aggressive growth
  • EBITDA Range: $500,000 to $10 million
  • Identifiable growth opportunities
  • Turnarounds, oil & gas production and real estate are not considered

Industry Preference

  • Healthcare Technology

  • Healthcare Services

  • Light Manufacturing

  • Distribution