The principals use their previous experiences in investment banking and management consulting to offer professional services to small and mid market companies that would not be able to afford these services from larger firms. Our consulting services focus on our clients’ opportunities and most demanding issues: strategy, operations, technology and mergers & acquisitions, across a broad range of industries.

What we do:

Corporate & Business Unit Strategy:

  • Strategy: Developing a sustainable strategy process that moves beyond a plan and becomes a malleable vision woven throughout the core of the organization.

  • Operations: Diagnose and redesign the back office operating environment to become leaner and smarter. Accelerate the front end customer experience through timing, quality and technology.

  • Customer Strategy: Identify areas to improve organic growth by underlining the importance of the current customer base. Design services that not only exceed competitor capabilities, but also directly improve client operating efficiencies.

Mergers & Acquisition:

  • Provide valuation, financial modeling and synergy analyses throughout the due diligence process. Develop an implementation and tracking plan for identified synergies for post close phase.

Due to our size, HS Holdings has the flexibility to offer hourly rates or fixed bid by engagement.

Sample Engagements:

Mobius Partners

ReNue Rx

Dental Depot

Square Button